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Natural Rubber (Hevea Brasiliensis). Raw Material Naturally Coagulated Rubber (Cup Lumps) to produce CSR10 grade. Cup Lumps size reduction, cleaning, crepe, shredded into crumb for final stage of drying.

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PropertiesValueUnitTest Method
Dirt retained on 44um aperture0.10 Max%wt ASTM D1278-91
Ash content 0.75 Max %wt ASTM D1278-91
Nitrogen0.60 Max %wt ASTM D3533-90
Volatile Matter 0.80 Max %wt ASTM D1278-91
Wallace rapid plasticity (Po) minimum value 30PoASTM D2227-96
Plasticity retention index (PRI) minimum 50% ASTM D3194-04
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