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What is Semi-Truck Fifth Wheel Grease?
ELM Semi-Truck Fifth Wheel Grease product is a premium quality biodegradable, formulated with the best optimized Biotechbased™ USA-grown natural vegetable oils and lithium-based thickener and extreme pressure additives for maximum performance. Are designed to be biodegradable, aquatically non-toxic, notbioaccumulative, and with no impact on plants as determined by known test methods. Nevertheless, the use of all of ELM products are subject to the local ordinances and ultimate responsibility for impact remains with the users.
What is Semi-Truck Fifth Wheel Grease used for?
It is recommended to use on semi-truck fifth wheel plates and is perfect for trailer hitches or other mechanical joints. Great protection from metal sliding contact.
What are the benefits of Semi-Truck Fifth Wheel Grease?
"• Provides superior lubricity to promote longer equipment life • Lithium based thickener resists thinning at high temperatures • Superior adhesion and resists water washout • Protects ferrous metals from rust and corrosion • Mostly benign when released into the environment • Contains advanced extreme pressure additives for excellent protection • Higher flash point than petroleum greases for increased safety • Biodegradable formula reduces damage to the environment • Meets EPA’s Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria"
Product Specifications
PropertiesValueUnitTest Method
AppearanceRed --
NLGI Grade 2--
Cone Penetration, Worked (60x) 265-295 --
Four Ball Wear Scar 0.52 mm-
Four Ball Weld Load 400kg-
Dropping Point 170 (338) °C (°F) -
Oil Separation <5 %-
Base Oil Viscosity at 40°C 200cSt-
Base Oil Viscosity at 100°C 36cSt-
Base Oil Viscosity Index 214--
Base Oil Flash Point 326 (619) °C (°F) -
Base Oil Biodegradability Pass-OECD 301
Base Oil Aquatic Toxicity Non-toxic -OECD 202
Base Oil Plant Toxicity Non-toxic -OECD 208
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