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What is Wire Rope Grease?
ELM Wire Rope Grease NLGI product is a premium quality biodegradable, formulated with the best optimized Biotechbased™ USA-grown natural vegetable oils and lithium-based thickener and anticorrosion additives for maximum wire rope protection. Are designed to be biodegradable, aquatically non-toxic, not- bioaccumulative, and with no impact on plants as determined by known test methods. Nevertheless, the use of all of ELM products are subject to the local ordinances and ultimate responsibility for impact remains with the users.
What is Wire Rope Grease used for?
Excellent for extreme pressure applications. Designed for protection between all metal to metal contact areas with prevents rust, corrosion and protection from salt spray. Recommended for marine applications or anywhere that most wire rope/cables is used and environmentally sensitive areas near waterways.
What are the benefits of Wire Rope Grease?
"• Contains anti-corrosion additives to prevent rust • Contains anti-wear additives to extend the life of wire ropes • Higher flash point than petroleum greases for increased safety • Biodegradable formula reduces damage to the environment • Meets EPA’s Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria • Meets USDA’s proposed Biobased product definition for EO 13101 • Manufactured from renewable crop-based oils
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