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  • Alum - Tightens the vaginal wall and contract Vaginal Muscles
  • Woodflordia Floribunda -anti spasmodic on uterine lining and blood vascular muscles, helps on involuntary leakage of urine
  • Aurum metalicum(gold) -increases the sensitivity of the Vaginal lining
  • Pomegranate-help vaginal infection and white discharge problem
  • Aloe Vera-act as moisturizer and lubricant
  • Almond oil - prevents vaginal itchiness
  • Cantellaasistica-wound healing properties and promotes skin health
  • Vitamin Oil - Overcome vaginal dryness
  • Increased Natural Lubrication
  • Vaginal Tightening Treatment
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Vaginal Tightening medicine
  • Vaginal Itchiness solution
  • Vaginal infection
  • Vaginal anti fungal
  • Vaginal antibacterial
  • vaginal antioxidant
  • Vaginal antiviral
  • Vaginal strength
  • vaginal lubricant
  • anti spasmodic
  • Vaginal moisturizer
  • Vaginal care
  • Vaginal discharge medication
  • Vaginal feminine care
What are the benefits of evescare firming gel?
Helps to recover loss of firmness due to aging or pregnancy. Apply on the desired parts of the body, tight or hips to help sculpt, tone and achieve a firmer youthful look. Discover firmer, Luxurious moisturised & healthier skin for a more youthful and healthier with this comforting gel.
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