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Firming Feminine Care Washes Gift Set C

Discover our Firming Feminine Care Washes Gift Set for Breast Firming/ the choice for feminine hygiene which helps to protect women's health and blissfulness.

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This Combo package includes:

  • Eves care feminine wash x1
  • Eves care curve Cream 25g x 1 (Butt Curving Cream) or Toning Cream 25g x 1 (Breast Firming Cream)
  • Scented candle X 1
What are the benefits of Feminine Care Washes Gift C?
Enriched with Sea Buckthorn and Tea Tree Oil which leaves a fresh sensation and prevents unpleasant odour & irritations in the intimate zone. Deeply cleanses and reduces blotches or marks-revealing smoother and toned skin. Aloe Vera activates dehydrated skin to make it radiant and smooth. Marigold extract heals and treats dry skin, leaving it fresh and supple.
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