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Protective Face Mask Shield II (Kids)

Protective Face Mask Shield II (Kids)

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  • Big lense for full face coverage 
  • Anti fog lense. 
  • Clear view. 
  • Washable. 
  • Reusable. 
  • Suitable for adults and children. 
  • Available in white, blue and yellow (Will get any colour that available, cannot choose colour)
How to wear a face mask shield for kids?
Face shields are fairly easy to wear. They’re made up of a plastic or Plexiglas panel that curves around the face and an elastic band or adjustable strap that holds the panel in place. To ensure that you’re well protected while wearing one, the panel of your face shield should extend well past the chin and curve around the sides of your face. There also shouldn’t be any gaps between your forehead and the shield’s headpiece.
How long can you use your face shield?
The CDC recommends wearing disposable face shields once. You can use a non-disposable face shield repeatedly as long as it’s not warped, damaged or cracked. If your face shield becomes damaged, don’t try to fix it. Pitch it and get a new one. Face shields are reasonably priced and easy to replace. You can even buy disposable ones in bulk.
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